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Tech in the Burbs hand-built their very own website development platform to achieve amazing results at a fraction of the price. Reach out to learn more!

Responsive Website Design
Silver Technology Consultants is a responsive website designer. Having a responsive website design is more and more important as people have moved to using mobile a lot. Reach out to learn more about our responsive website design services.
Mobile Website Design
In addition to being fully responsive to screen size, all websites built by Silver Technology Consultants are fully mobile friendly and are able to detect exactly what device it is on, so that it can display all menus, fonts, and text appropriately. Inquire to learn more about our Mobile Website Design services.
Fully Custom Design
Silver Technology Consultants provides fully custom website design. This means anything is possible as we a can code just about any web language and are even capable of web services and database design.
Web Services and Database Design
Silver Tech is fully capable of designing complicated (and simple) database driven web services and databases. For example in the last year, I have built a fuel order dispatching service and a talent management system.
Free Hosting, Free Email
All websites built by Silver Technology Consultants come with free hosting and free email for the life of the website. Most other firms like to charge for these things...
Search Engine Optimization
Of course a nice looking website is only half the battle, getting them there is equally important. In comes Search Engine Optimization. Silver Tech is an SEO expert and can dramatically increase your web-presence. Reach out to learn more about our Search Engine Optimization services.
Proudly Using GoDaddy + CloudFlare
In addition to great hosting and database support from GoDaddy, Silver Technology Consultants also proudly uses a content delivery network (CDN), CloudFlare, to distribute website content around the world. This increase speed, reliability, and security.
Expert at Many Languages
Silver Technology Consultants uses many languages to accomplish your goal of having a website that runs great and is search engine friendly including: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, and many more.
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Some of our previous work has been posted here.
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