Residential Computer Services La Grange

Looking for Residential Computer Services La Grange? You are right in the area - so contact us to get an appointment today!
Residential / Home Computer Repair Services
Owner-provided Computer Repair. Tech in the Burbs is A+ certified and has been providing services locally since 1999 - trust that you will get your machine fixed correctly and quickly. Most work is done on-site, but remote services are available.
Connected Home - Comfortable and Secure
There are lots of great products available to make your home a safer, more comfortable place. Silver Tech helps you decide which ones are right for you and then can help by installing everything for you.
Wireless Network Setup and Help
Tech in the Burbs is able to help with all different types of network configurations and get your wireless working great! Looking to upgrade or replace your current router? It will be easy with Tech in the Burbs.
Devices and Peripherals Support
I would be happy to help you with your devices and peripherals including: Routers, Printers and Scanners, Fax, Tablets, Webcams, Speakers, Bluetooth Devices, and Phones. Full Service consult, setup, and support is what we do!
Data Backup and Recovery
Need data backed up or recovered? Data can be backed up to the cloud for only $6/month or on-site for the one-time cost of a hard drive. All backup options recommended are completely automatic and seamless.
Not Your Standard Geek
  • Purdue University Trained
  • Your Tech is the Owner
  • Local for 20+ years
  • Punctual Appointments
  • Fair Hourly Rate
  • PC + Mac Support