Countryside Nest Thermostat Help
There are lots of great products available to make your home a safer, more comfortable place. Silver Tech helps you decide which ones are right for you and then can help by installing everything for you.

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Comfortable & Efficient
Nest - a simple thermostat that is easy to use and control at home or away. Have it professionally installed, setup on your mobile devices, and demonstrated by Silver Tech. You will love all of it's great features that make your home more comfortable.
Secured with Cameras
Keeping your home or small business safe while you are there or away is crucial - no matter who you are. Cameras are great deterrents and have no monthly fees associated. DVRs record images and you can get notifications via text or email for motion.
Better Lighting - makes a difference
The color of the light in your home of office greatly affects mood and productivity. Silver Tech can recommend and install a wireless lighting system that lets you control the color temperature of your bulbs - from an App on your mobile device.
Home Theatre Setups
Silver Tech can recommend appropriate hardware for your home theatre and have it installed right to make sure your next family movie night is the best experience possible.