Business Computer Repair Brookfield
Owner-provided Computer Repair. Tech in the Burbs is A+ certified and has been providing services locally since 1999 - trust that you will get your machine fixed correctly and quickly. Most work is done on-site, but remote services are available.

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One Solution Doesn't Work for Everyone - we know that
Unlike some "cookie-cutter" PC repair technicians, we always start our process with an on-site diagnostics of your situation and then consult with you about some different solutions. From there, we take action - either working our magic on site or having your machine back right away to make sure you are back up and running quickly.
Virus and Malware Removal
in Brookfield
If your machine is infected with a virus it can cause all sorts of problems on your machine and even steal data. With an on-site appointment, Silver Tech can help you decide what action is best for your infected machine and then immediately take action to get your issue resolved.
Computer Component Repair
in Brookfield
Is your machine not turning on or are you running out of space? Silver Tech can help you by deciding what component needs to be replaced and then sourcing the correct part and installing it for you. Examples of work include: Hard Drive replacement, power supply replacement, memory upgrades, fan replacements, and more.
Transition to a New Computer
in Brookfield
When it is time to replace your old computer, picking the machine that fits your needs and having it all setup will be easy. Count on Silver Tech to make this a full service, easy transition. Our Complete Rebuild Service will most likely be recommended, but other options like on-site data transfers are also available.
Complete Computer Rebuild Service
in Brookfield
The Complete Rebuild Service from Silver Tech includes everything you need to get your current machine or a machine you are thinking about transitioning to setup right, from day one. Rebuilt machines can be restored back to a perfect state without the loss of data. Because they offer such an optimal computer experience, they are recommended at the beginning of a computer's lifespan.
Internet Connection Issues
in Brookfield
Silver Tech can help with a large array or networking and internet relate problems including fixing or replacing your modem or router or even working with your ISP to resolve the problem. Many internet connection problems are solved within 1 hour.
Data Backup and Recovery
in Brookfield
Need data backed up or recovered? Data can be backed up to the cloud for only $6/month or on-site for the one-time cost of a hard drive. All backup options recommended are completely automatic and seamless.